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Campus Unity

Bohan Chen & Evan Chansky
  • Jacquelyn Gage
  • Meghan Reynolds
  • Liz Nebens
  • Alana Hill
  • Marilyn Nguyen
  • Sophie Bysiewicz
  • Shawn Yin
  • Joey Kawash
  • Anne Henry
  • Quincy Zou
  • Juan Shiraishi
To improve South-side relations with students and bridge the gap between Greek and non-Greek students, international students and any other marginalized groups.
  • Make students more aware of South-side opportunities.
  • Host events which bring together students from all aspects of Lehigh social life and culture.
  • Spread awareness and support for marginalized groups.
  • Work to foster a more inclusive community within Lehigh and Bethlehem.

Email Bohan Chen at boc219@lehigh.edu or Evan Chansky at edc220@lehigh.edu