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Facilities & Transportation

Charlie Williams
  • Mike Gibbons
  • Dean Astarita
  • Sasha Rubman
  • Eylon Liani
  • Greg Giorolamo
  • Suleng Tao
  • Ginger Gerhold
  • Roshan Giyanani
  • Tara Chaisson
  • Alison Conors
  • Julia Pardee
To provide the Lehigh campus community with a safe and efficient transportation plan that will enhance the accessibility, mobility and speed of transit on campus.
  • Provide better transportation outside of Lehigh during breaks and on weekends.
  • Maintain and add advertising to the bus display.
  • Send a survey to get a comprehensive look at student concerns.

Come to a meeting! The Transportation Committee meets every Monday at 4:10 PM.