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Minutes 10.22.2013


Student Senate XXVI

Meeting 7: October 22nd, 2013





  • Ozzie Breiner, Residential Services: 3 year pilot; If a fraternity or sorority is projected to be over Residence Hall capacity after recruitment, they will be given an allotted number of people who will be eligible to participate in the lottery.; If new members disaffiliate, the eligible number will be adjusted; If at any point, the fraternity or sorority occupancy drops below Residence Hall capacity, it is an expectation that the interchange process will be utilized to move people back into the house.


President’s Report: Andrew Callahan 

  • Bring a Friend to Senate Day
  • Thank you David Joseph for catering
  • FBR hosting an open forum this Thursday at 7pm in Perella Auditorium in Rauch
  • Full Meeting Structure Results
  • Next Full Senate Meeting: wear Lehigh gear!
  • Halloween next week: be conscious of your clothing and actions-make sure you’re considerate towards others
  • Survey about structure of full Senate meetings yielded inconclusive results; will continue to work on improving structure so we maximize efficiency 
  • CLIP Spotlight: LUnity

Vice President’s Report: Kerry Mallett

  • Next Admin-Tuesday 10/29 4:10 Lindy 402
  • An all-star senator reads minutes from all committees--let’s all be all-star senators!
  • Big/Little challenge of the week-go to the Volleyball White Out together! Leeman-Turner Arena (Grace Hall) 7pm on Friday
  • Senator of the Week: Brandyn Bok! 

Treasurer: Harry Nimoityn

Secretary: Anna D’Ginto

  • CLIP Chairs: make sure you’re updating attendance and meeting minute folders
  • Upcoming Events: Full Senate Meeting 11/5/2013 in UC 303 

Parliamentarian: Alex Stephanou

  • First bilaws meeting will be next week TBA
  • Fill out the google form that will be emailed out 



Allocations: Harry Nimoityn

  • SSR26AL011 - APO Budget PASS
  • SSR26AL012 - SEAL Budget PASS
  • SSR26AL013 - PSP New Event Request PASS
  • SSR26AL014 - Spanish New Event Request PASS

Club Affairs: Rachael Martel

Public Relations: Dave Melynczuk

  • Would like to welcome all friends!
  • Sweatshirt Samples are in -- fill in size chart!
  • Need updates from all CLIP and Standing Committee chairs for our monthly newsletter
  • CLIPS continue to use lehighsenatepr gmail (has been successful so far!)
  • Check out the website for our new picture
  • For those that may not know, we recently created a senate Instagram and would more than 18 followers!!

Facilities and Technology: Sarah Glickstein

  • Advertise LTS Grant
  • Meeting with Rich Haas
  • Collaborations with Safety (swipe access to buildings) and Allocations (consolidated list of available grants)
  • New items from admin: hole punchers/staplers, NY Times/Wall Street Journal, housing lottery
  • Next meeting: outside Admissions (weather permitting) or in UC basement (if yucky out)

Transportation: Jose Sierra 

  • New meeting time: Wednesdays 5:30PM Rauch Lobby.
  • New Bus Stop signs installed.
  • Survey about having buses running during the weekend should be out soon
  • Meeting with Chris Christian to discuss organizing North Side buses
  • Event-brite will be sent out for Thanksgiving buses to Newark & NY
  • TIFFANY: talk to Lehigh-Laf planning committee about buses for football game

Safety: Yujia Huo

  • Talked to Chief Shupp
  • Light Up Off Campus event will be November 13th

Best of Bethlehem: Cristina DeScisciolo

  • Thanks to everyone who volunteered at Spooktacular GREAT JOB- the wands were a hit!
  • Currently creating the “Top 10” list for November: PR: residence halls fliers this time; Meeting with Lauren Furrer from Admissions Office on Friday to incorporate list into visitors experience
  • My committee: Meeting Tomorrow 7:45pm at HORNS - come hungry!; We’ll be compiling list of business we want to include in the LehighLive app/off campus passport.; Also bring your 5 November events!

Unity: Tiffany Kuperschmidt

  • WHITE OUT GAME!: Friday October 25 @ 7PM Grace; Women’s Volleyball v Holy Cross
  • Masquerade Ball: November 8th; 10PM-1AM; DOS grant to cover police; Global Union will fund photobooth; Make & Take will be held Thursday night to make masks that can be worn to ball; DJ Minnie needs speakers-Pike; 4 buses (3 leaving from Taylor, 1 leaving from Sig Ep); flyer will be up on social media sites soon; encourage friends to sign up on event-brite to give LUnity an idea of how many students will attend 
  • Le-Laf Week: Senate will participate in carnival (Wednesday) & Dance Marathon Sunday; our DM slot is from 9-10 PM-will be Disney themed with zumba!; Lehigh Laf-palooza is Sunday starting at 7 featuring Super Mash Brothers; bed races will be Thursdsay; campus wide BBQ outside of House 104 will be Friday 
  • Dance Marathon: volunteer for Senate team!
  • Spring goal: sponsoring Le-Laf basketball game 

Green Initiatvies: Katelyn Armbruster 

  • Meeting with Sustainability Coordinator tomorrow at 9 AM
  • Submitted summer reading suggestions
  • Meeting with Steve Dutton in coming weeks (orientation)
  • Working on talking points for tour and orientation







  • Alex: DM is only $10 to register online; already have 383 people registered and over $10,000 raised; sponsoring groups include Panhel, IFC, RHA, UP, King’s Foil; 2 Lehigh alums currently working at CHOP, 3 CHOP families, A Cappella; LU DM is selling spots to showcase your organization during the event; questions email ludmeventplanning@gmail.com
  • Aliza: Pink Week is this week-support Zeta and breast cancer research; tonight’s event is Lights of Hope at 6:30 in Lamberton
  • Rachael: encourage your clubs to update their info on the Hub and re-register OR email Matt Kitchie
  • Tiffany: Panhel is selling Pink Week shirts all week and hosting a fashion show to model bras tomorrow at 7 PM; any Senators interested in em-ceeing? 
  • Tiffany: Challenge yourself and your friends to make a new friend and meet someone new this week
  • Kerry: cake decorating Senate team for Friday’s Pink Week cake decorating competition; GEM panel November 7th @ & PM
  • Tae: UP holding a Halloween party at 8 PM in Lamberton
  • Nick: Student Athletes will be keeping the Goose open late
  • Rachael: dance team will be selling tickets to the Miami Heat-Sixers game in January