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Minutes 10.8.2013


Student Senate XXVI

Meeting 6: October 8th, 2013





  • Alex Wiedorn, Office of Residence Life 

Thursday trivia night—10pm at Hawk’s Nest

Prizes and food specials

If want to co-sponsor—one meeting before

Email amw208


President’s Report: Andrew Callahan 

  • Founder’s Day this Thursday at 4pm: Packer Memorial Chapel, Business Casual
  • Bring a Friend to Senate Day is next Full Senate Meeting - October 22
  • Respond to survey about meeting format 
  • Committee Chairs: Update Attendance!
  • Exec Committee Spotlight: Club Affairs
  • Lehigh Kickstarter—Chad Davis
  • CSP meeting tomorrow about FBR
  • Great Pocono Escape Hot Topics Feedback

Vice President’s Report: Kerry Mallett

  • No Admin next week due to Pacing break but we will be meeting Thursday 10/17 @ 5PM, location TBD
  • Big/little challenge: Go to dinner together! 

Treasurer: Harry Nimoityn

  • Congratulations to the 3 Assistant Treasurers- Andy, Amit & Shaan! 

Secretary: Anna D’Ginto

  • Committee Chairs please keep updating minute and attendance folders! 
  • Upcoming Events: Founder’s Day  at 4 PM in Packer Memorial Chapel; next full Senate meeting 10/22 at 4:15 PM in UC 303 

Parliamentarian: Alex Stephanou



Allocations: Harry Nimoityn

  • Late Budgets
  • Budget Appeals
  • Funding Requests
  • All pass, SSR26AL006 split into xxx6, xxx7, xxx8, subsequent bills pushed to xxx9 and xx10, 

Club Affairs: Rachael Martel

  • SSR26CA008—pass
  • Isabel is new secretary 

Public Relations: Dave Melynczuk

CLIPS emaile Lehighsenatepr@gmail.com and look at their web pages

Sweatshirt progress—have two designs

Send Dave bios by Wednesday night 


Facilities and Technology: Sarah Glickstein

  • Meeting with Bruce Taggart and James Young
  • LTS Grant Update from last year: White structure is NOT LTS Grant
  • The Pit: Gaining traction among students; potentially open later with swipe access
  • FML Updates: Target basement (possible LTS?); redo of 5th floor after Pacing Break
  • Charging stations, virtual Public Sites; need ideas for LTS Grant this year
  • Email Sarah with ideas

Transportation: Jose Sierra 

  • Charter Bus to EWR and NYC for Nov/27 *November 26 leaving Packer Ave. at 5:30 PM (tentative)
  • Analyzing a possible bus route during weekends.

Safety: Yujia Huo

3 top priorities—light up off campus, night and alcohol safety, light up on campus

  • Progress report on projects & Admin Forum feedback

Best of Bethlehem: Cristina DeScisciolo

  • “Top 10 List” a success!; feedback from Admin Forum; keep publicizing, PR!
  • Meeting with Bruce Taggart's assistants: Off-campus passport/GoldPlus on Lehigh app very possible!
  • Spooktacular volunteers needed; table: Witches Wands pretzels with chocolate
  • Student app-tester volunteers needed
  • Greenway meeting in the near future

Unity: Tiffany Kuperschmidt

  • LVAIC Revolutions Night: 10/16 7PM-10PM
  • Women’s Volleyball White Out:10/25 7PM
  • Masquerade Ball: November 8th 10PM-1AM; Wood Dining Hall; Make and Take; the Thursday before, International Week, working on funding, student DJ, Fstop create photo booth, Italian food
  • Lehigh-Laf Week trivia table at carnival
  • LU Dance Marathon: Zumba/Disney Theme one hour, we judge teams
  • Ideas from Admin forum—increase class unity, sit with class at basketball game

Green Initiatvies: Katelyn Armbruster 

  • Participation in Game Day Recycling Challenge 10/19
  • Eco-Tips at Farmers Market on Thursday
  • Scheduled to meet with Sustainability Director
  • Recommending Summer Reading book 


Lehigh bus ads--$15 for 30 days



Society of Hispanic Engineers—salsa dancing 7pm Wednesday

Girl Rising GC movie 7pm

Diversity Achievers Program