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Minutes 11.05.2013


Student Senate XXVI

Meeting 8: November 5th, 2013





  • Trevor Starer, Brown and White Business Staff

Brown and White is made of Editorial Staff + Business Staff; B&W is printed every Tuesday and Friday; weekly readership >12,000; there is free on campus distribution; placing an ad is great exposure for your group’s event or program-you control the content that is included; Business Staff also offers free design services; if your group is interested in placing inserts in the paper, contact Business Staff; Brown and White is not yet online but will be by next year

Contact: inbwbiz@lehigh.edu


President’s Report: Andrew Callahan 

  • Today’s meeting format
  • Masquerade Ball this Friday at 10pm!!!
  • Office Hours: tomorrow (Wednesday) 10:30am-11:30am in Lucy’s
  • Exec Committee Spotlight: Facilities & Technology
  • Attending Graduate Student Senate meeting tomorrow 

Vice President’s Report: Kerry Mallett

  • Big/Little challenge: go to the Masquerade Ball and bring a friend, introduce your big/little to your friend!
  • Admin 11/12, location TBD
  • Who read the minutes?
  • Lehigh fun fact
  • Senator of the Week: Tiffany Kuperschmidt

Treasurer: Harry Nimoityn


Secretary: Anna D’Ginto


Dance Marathon sign up

Need 2 volunteers/hour to run Senate’s table (hula hooping)

Need 15 volunteers during Senate’s 9-10 hour

Brendan & Manraj: please stay after meeting

CLIP Chairs: please keep updating attendance and minutes. 

Upcoming events: Masquerade Ball this Friday 11/8; Lehigh University Dance Marathon next Saturday 11/16; Full Senate Tuesday 11/19 at 4:15 PM in UC 303 


Parliamentarian: Alex Stephanou

  • Thanksgiving break quiz on rules
  • Possible bylaws and constitution changes; email will go out to bylaws committee


Allocations: Harry Nimoityn

  • Allocations members: work with your partners from Club Affairs and contact clubs you are liaison for

Club Affairs: Rachael Martel

  • SSR26CA009 PASS
  • SSR26CA010 PASS (23-13)
  • SSR26CA011 PASS
  • SSR26CA013 PASS 

Public Relations: Dave Melynczuk

  • Congratulations Ko -- Thanks for bringing a friend to the last full Senate meeting!
  • The October Newsletter is out!!!
  • In the process of getting sweatshirts Lehigh approved
    • All Senators must contribute $10 towards the cost of sweatshirts; is not mandatory to buy one
    • Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Website

Facilities and Technology: Sarah Glickstein

  • Waiting on response from Rich Haas and Bruce Taggart
  • Made initial contact for NY Times and hole punchers/staplers
  • Students to test beta model of Lehigh app


Transportation: Jose Sierra 

  • EventBrite for the thanksgiving bus is up
  • Meeting with transportation services this week
    • Advertisement in the Buses is available to any club or campus organization! Prices start from $35. 

Safety: Yujia Huo

  • sending proposal to Matt Kitchie, Chief Shupp and Fin. Aid for student escort system
  • spoke to president of Long Boarding Club to discuss ban 

Best of Bethlehem: Cristina DeScisciolo

  • November list!: PR please publicize; Plan to get ads on busses; Soon to be available to prospective students through Admissions
  • Planning spring event with Broughal
  • Off Campus Passport: collaboration with Admissions to create guide with student business reviews
  • At next week’s Admin meeting, we will be writing reviews of local businesses; all Senators are welcome; if interested, contact Cristina

Unity: Tiffany Kuperschmidt

  • Masquerade Ball!!!: THIS FRIDAY :-); 10PM-1AM, Wood Dining Hall
  • Dance Marathon: 15 people sign up for our hour
  • Lehigh Laf” Sponsorship; Fall Fest Carnival 

Green Initiatvies: Katelyn Armbruster 

  • Met with Sustainability coordinator (possible collaborations with working groups)
  • Working on updating tour/orientation
  • Possible interest in Green Fee
  • Compost site possibly next year 
  • 5x10 sustainability possibility


  • Wade: motion to create an Emergency Ad Hoc on Minority Inclusion; will be objective group with the goal of developing a written plan of action that will be ratified by Senate and the administration; 
  • Motion to Nominate a Chair  Wade Homer  PASS
  • Dave: anyone with access to residential buildings, please hang up Senate newsletter that PR published
  • Sarah: brainstorm LTS ideas and email Sarah
  • Tiffany: Masquerade Ball is this Friday; please help hang up flyers
  • Anna: Next meeting is 



  • Andrew: Spectrum is holding a fundraiser at Chipotle tomorrow night
  • Alex: Dance Marathon is holding a fundraiser for Dance Marathon (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia) the night after-Thursday
  • Sarah: Leadership Consultant application is live on Hub
  • Michelle: sign up for bed races teams ends Monday
  • Tiffany: Panhel, IFC, MGC are holding a “End Driving Dangerously” campaign tomorrow on the front lawn from 11-4
  • Manraj: MMM energy deregulation company will hosting a  presentation this coming Tuesday at 6pm in Steps 290. The company reached out to me due to the fact that I joined in the first week of September and have been doing EXTREMELY well. As a side note, I was first a critic, thinking that this is "too good to be true" and so, I did not join when my friend from high school tried convincing me during the summer of 2012. Now, he uses the substantial residual income to travel to a different country at least twice a month (he's a Penn State junior). Don't be ignorant as I initially was. Take advantage of this opportunity. 
  • Kerry: GEM Panel will be Thursday at 6:30 in Lamberton for any Greeks interested in obtaining a leadership position
  • Emma: PSP fundraiser at Sal’s tomorrow from 4-10