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Minutes 1.14.2014


Student Senate XXVI

Meeting 11: January 14th, 2014






President’s Report: Andrew Callahan 

  • Spring Retreat - January 25
  • Need Spring Club Expo Volunteers at 4:30 and 5pm
  • LUnity Committee Chair Election
  • CLIP Committee Liaisons: Best of Bethlehem (Kerry), Green Initiatives (Harry), Facilities and Technology (Anna), LUnity (Andrew), Safety (Andrew), Transportation (Alex) 

Vice President’s Report: Kerry Mallett

  • Still need sorority and on-campus spots for Elections Committee, please let me know by Friday if you are interested!
  • First admin of the semester will be next Tuesday, January 21 at 4:10 p.m.

Treasurer: Harry Nimoityn


Secretary: Anna D’Ginto

  • Attendance Policy: 2 points for unexcused Full Senate absence, 1 points for excused Full Senate absence; 1 point for unexcused CLIP or Committee meeting absence, 0 points for excused CLIP or Committee meeting absence; once 6 points are accumulated, must meet with Exec

Parliamentarian: Alex Stephanou

  • Bylaws meeting on Thursday at 4:30 in the common area in Rauch



Allocations: Harry Nimoityn

  • SSR26AL020: Melismatics- New Event Request (Additional Funding) PASS
  • Club Affairs: Rachael Martel 
  • SSR26CA022-Lehigh University Fly Fishing Club PASS
  • SSR26CA023- Lehigh Quidditch PASS

Public Relations: Dave Melynczuk

  • Working on finalizing a design for sweatshirts by the week’s end; stay tuned for a color survey!
  • Advertising open seats - do not forget to email lehighsenatepr@gmail.com with other requests
  • My committee will continue to meet on off-Tuesdays (look out for an email from me)

Facilities and Technology: Sarah Glickstein

  • LTS Grant- Taylor Gym (Meeting with Doug Strage); Lehigh App
  • Notes from meeting with Doug Strage  about Taylor Gym will be presented at next meeting

Transportation: Jose Sierra 

  • Met with Bob Bruneio and Monika Samuelsson this morning
  • No big transportation changes will happen until 2015 or fall 2014

Safety: Andrew Gelb

  • On Campus lighting survey; in process of getting survey approved, after approval it will be sent out to student body

Best of Bethlehem: Maura Godfrey

  • Focus: Continue top 10 things to do in Bethlehem (Get to faculty, residence halls, UC)
  • Restaurant reviews


Unity: Tiffany Kuperschmidt


Green Initiatvies: Katelyn Armbruster 

  • Focus: Green Free: Meeting with Kristiana Marie Barr; Continue with Green Ideas for orientation



  • LUnity CLIP Chair Election


  • Ad Hoc on Student Inclusion: Committee Objectives: 1. Academics (Priority), propose degree program changes 2. Extracurriculars (encourage integration between social groups) 3. Discipline
  • Sonja: Peer Advising Ad Hoc will be having a small meeting this week; next step is to reach out to Dean of College of Arts and Sciences
  • Faculty Committee for Student Life Election: Nominations: Shaan Gurnani, CONGRATULATIONS SHAAN! (Meetings held every other Monday from 1:10-2:30, next meeting 1/27)
  • Brendan: March 12 is meeting for awards and prizes 
  • Amit: Peter Costa (Director for Prevention Strategies) recently established hazing prevention coalition; interested students contact Amit
  • Don: Library Users meeting this week