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Minutes 12.3.2013


Student Senate XXVI

Meeting 10: December 3rd, 2013





  • Olivia, Business Services
  • -Process for getting logo approved: develop design, identify university approved vendor, send order to chosen vendor, receive approval or disapproval
    -main reason ideas don’t get approved is because design doesn’t look like Lehigh brand



President’s Report: Andrew Callahan 

  • Elections for: Green Initiatives, Best of Bethlehem, Safety, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Updates from Faculty Committees
  • Spring Retreat will be early next semester (end of January/early February)

Vice President’s Report: Kerry Mallett

  • Elections committee--please let me know if you are still interested for next semester
  • First admin of next semester is January 21
  • Lehigh fun fact

Treasurer: Harry Nimoityn


Secretary: Anna D’Ginto

  • Cristina and I bought presents for Holiday Hope Chests; please donate!
  • Spring meeting schedule: 1/14, 1/28, 2/11 2/25, 3/11, 3/25, 4/8, 4/22
  • Reminder: CLIP meeting times: Facilities & Technology- 4:15 PM Thursdays, various locations; Safety- 6:30 PM Mondays, Lucy's; LUnity- 7 PM Mondays, Lucy's; Green- 9:10 AM Wednesdays, STEPS; Transportation- 5:30 PM Wednesdays, Rauch lobby; Best of Bethlehem- 7:10 PM Wednesday, Rauch lobby
  • Thanks for all of the great work you have done this semester! 

Parliamentarian: Alex Stephanou




Allocations: Harry Nimoityn

  • SSR26AL018 - World Affairs Club PASS
           o Co-Sponsorship Request (Additional Funding)
    SSR26AL019 - Engineers Without Borders PASS
           o New Event Request (Preexisting Funds)

Club Affairs: Rachael Martel

SSR26CA021: American Institute of Chemical Engineering - PASS


Public Relations: Dave Melynczuk


If you sent me your bio AND statement see me after for a gold star
        - Those of you who have not - I hope your Thanksgiving Break was mediocre
Still stalled with sweatshirts but our committee will overcome


Facilities and Technology: Sarah Glickstein

Meeting with Bruce Taggart TODAY to go over LTS grant ideas IDEAS: redo Rauch basement (Harry) or build a café in the basement of Fairmart  Meeting with Doug Strange from athletics on Thursday at our last meeting
Book swap idea - Contact with LTS
Contact with facilities
Contact about NY Times and Wall Street Journal


Transportation: Jose Sierra 

    • Thanksgiving Break bus: Sold out. 
    • o 54 tickets
    • Look out for the new (kind of small) bus stop signs. 
    • Remember to use bus.lehigh.edu
    • Alex: ask Transportation Services to look into Tracs signs on road behind Upper Cents 
    • Tiffany: possibly get a MegaBus stop in our area
    • Since Thanksgiving Break bus was so successful, will organized bus for Spring break


Safety: Yujia Huo

    • Will be meeting with Risk Management Office in January
    • Encountered many complications with Escort System- ex. How will financial aid for escorts be created 
    • Light Up Off Campus will happen in Spring semester

Best of Bethlehem: Cristina DeScisciolo

    • December “Top 10” will come out tomorrow-publicize on Senate channels (Twitter, Facebook)
      Thanks to great work of committee!

Unity: Tiffany Kuperschmidt

    • Meeting with Ignite Lehigh on Friday
    • Working with Graduate Student Senate
    • Bed Races was great
    • Spirit Week participation was good and Fall Fest

Green Initiatvies: Katelyn Armbruster 

    • WeBike idea for LTS grant Bruce Taggart likes idea
    • Green Fund
    • Orientation Update (including sustainability in orientation activities) 
    • Tour Update (including sustainability facts on prospective student tours) 
    • Garden on Greenway> meet w/ Gast 12/6 to discuss maize garden on 3rd and New Street



    • Green Initiatives CLIP Committee Chair Election

Congratulations Savannah! 

    • Best of Bethlehem CLIP Committee Chair Election

Congratulations Maura! 

    • Safety CLIP Committee Chair Election 

Congratulations Andrew! 

    • Diversity and Inclusion Ad Hoc Committee Chair Election 

Congratulations Don! 

    • Faculty Committee updates 

Transportation (Andy): discussed changing Drown area into a parking lot

Education Policy (Will): changed AP course credit policy-cant “double dip” aka if you got high school credit for an AP course, you cannot get Lehigh credit but the AP credit can exempt you from introductory courses; Sid: introducing extra engineering classes

Awards and Prizes (Brendan & Greg): have not yet met (only a few awards in the fall), will meet in Spring

Visiting Lectures (Roger): meeting Friday

Graduate Research (Cathy): could not attend meetings but committee mainly discussed changing requirements for masters programs 

Bookstore Advisory (Peter): creating new floor plan and color scheme; also trying to get more used books

University Calendar (Emmanuel): set to meet this Friday after three attempts

Library Users (Don): lounge on 5th floor of Fairmart will be completed by end of Spring semester 



    • Tiffany: Pan Hellenic recruitment-register for rush week on Pan Hel website
    • Jay: Mr. Richards Talent Show