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Minutes 2.11.2014


Student Senate XXVI

Meeting 13: February 11th, 2014






President’s Report: Andrew Callahan 

  • LEAG Representative Elections: Meetings Wednesday 11:30-1pm
  • Senate Contact Sheet: please fill out tonight
  • Ice cream social this Saturday at 3pm, Lamberton Hall
  • New Senator affirmation

Vice President’s Report: Kerry Mallett

  • Admin next Tuesday, 2/18, same time and Lindy 400.
    • o Email me with any feedback on the new format
    • o Please come with topics or issues to discuss at the end
    • Senators of the Week: Elections Committee ( Don, Einstein, Maura, Bridget, Anna) and Caroline Terry (Featured Senator of the Week) 

Treasurer: Harry Nimoityn

    • Sweatshirts will be ordered this week! If you ordered a sweatshirt, please bring $10 to the next Full Senate meeting. You will not receive your sweatshirt until you have paid.

Secretary: Anna D’Ginto

Parliamentarian: Alex Stephanou

    • Bylaws meeting Thursday at 4:15: Anyone is welcome to attend the meeting. During the meeting we will all be reading through the document in groups and highlighting areas of concern/interest.



Allocations: Harry Nimoityn

    • SSR26AL021 - A Whole-Step Up PASS
    • o New Event Request (Additional Funding)
    • SSR26AL022 - LU AMSA PASS
      New Event Request (Additional Funding)
    • SSR26AL023 - Art, Architecture, and Design PASS
    • o New Event Request (Additional Funding)
    • SSR26AL024 - Art, Architecture, and Design PASS
    • o New Event Request (Additional Funding)

Club Affairs: Rachael Martel 

Public Relations: Dave Melynczuk

    • Google form for Sweatshirts - Forest Green is in the lead---fill it out
    • Bios for those who have yet to do them from last semester and new senators 
    • Committee chairs: check out website
    • Senate banner-have 2 (with Andrew) 
    • If you would not like a sweatshirt since the color is Forest Green, email Dave by tonight to cancel your order

Facilities and Technology: Sarah Glickstein

    • Met with Bruce about LTS Grant: Live bus tracking or digital sign boards; FML Brainstorming committee 2014
    • Other projects: LehighU Live App - Gold Plus?; Evaluations for advisors; Storage for International Students; 24 - 7 PIT; Cafe in FML?
    • Doug Strange (Athletics) Update: Gets $24,000 to run Taylor gym every year; Loses $300,000 from students who go Steel Fitness; Implement activity fee?; Rowing in uppe; Taylor with fitness classes and virtual fitness classes; Fitness center: moving women’s weight training up to 5th floor of Taylor gym; get more cardio in those areas where weight training is; Equipment maintenance

Transportation: Jose Sierra 

    • Bike racks installed in every transit bus
    • New bus insert (flyer) to advertise Mall/Movies routes. 
    • Follow @LehighUtransit for current updates on bus status
    • Will look into organizing weekend bus to Target

Safety: Andy Gelb

    • Light-up off campus (lighting survey ready) survey will be launced tonight on Facebook
    • Undersalted areas on campus call 83490
    • Any students interested in helping with snow removal will be paid $15/hr; call (610)-972-0182

Best of Bethlehem: Maura Godfrey

    • Top 10 Lists: February’s list is up; March’s list will be posted in dorms, UC TVs and buses
    • Restaurant Reviews: List being finalized and sent out within the week; Reviews due Feb 15th 
    • Broughal Movie Night; Movie on the field at Broughal; Date and movie tbd, probably in April

Unity: Emmanuel Lai

    • Ball will be dry event
    • Potential dates: March 14, 21, 28 and April 4 (preference: March 21st)
    • Possible themes: St. Patricks Day, Spring Fling
    • Potential Partnerships: IFC/Panhellenic Council, Phi Delta Theta (for speakers), Carl Brisseaux (DJ), Global Union (potential source of food)

Green Initiatvies: Savannah Monser-Kernsoh

    • Green Fee
    • Met with Green Action 
    • Orientation 
    • Water filling stations; locations: CU 252, in UC by ATM, FML 5th floor, Packard 2nd floor, RBC Common Grounds

Ad Hoc on Peer Advising: Sonja Gorman 

    • Meeting with CBE’s Twana Walker: Friday, February 14th at 4pm, Rausch 39; “HAWKS” mentoring program to launch next semester
    • Meeting with CAS’s “Advising Working Group” led by Dean David and Jennifer Swann; Tuesday, February 25th at 9am, Maginnes
    • In touch with College of Engineering, waiting to hear back from dean

Ad Hoc on Diversity and Inclusion: Don Scott

    • Dr. Odi confirmed all professors on email list have been notified
    • Meetings with interested professors will begin next week 


    • LEAG Representative Election: CONGRATULATIONS SAVANNAH 
    • Faculty Committee Updates: Shaan (Faculty for Student Life)- discussed FBR and how committee can help them achieve their objectives at first meeting; at second meeting, discussed Greek life with Tim Wilkinson 

-Levent: first meeting of semester will be Monday

    • Don: if anyone has comments about newly remodeled floor of FML, send them to Don so he can forward them to Bruce Taggart
    • Sarah: if anyone is interested in participating in FML brainstorming committee let Sarah know



    • Alex: LeaderShape applications are due 2/28; LeaderShape is a 6 day leadership/camping experience; they will only be selecting 60 applications; it will be held at Camp Canadensis; the program includes a set curriculum that enables participants to get to know who they are and develop personal vision statements and actions to take back to their communities; focuses on creating positive change
    • Tiffany: Panhel is hosting a book club about Lean In; book is 20% off at bookstore; discussion will be held March 17th at Alpha Gamma Delta house
    • Don: attendance at all committee meetings is mandatory
    • Andrew: picture will be taken next meeting
    • Kerry: UP will be holding Valentine’s Day event on Saturday in Lamberton; MGC is holding a Yard Show next weekend