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Minutes 3.11.2014


Student Senate XXVI

Meeting 15: March 11th, 2014





  • John Smeaton: Thank you for Affirmation last meeting 

President’s Report: Andrew Callahan 

  • Exec & Club Affairs nominations at next meeting
  • Admin Forum and End of Year Banquet - April 15
  • Office Hours - this Thursday 3-4pm, Lucy’s Café
  • Roles of the President: must be creative and have the ability to listen; large time commitment; President serves as Board of Trustees representative and delivers a speech to the incoming freshman class at convocation

Vice President’s Report: Kerry Mallett

  • Admin: meeting next Tuesday at 4:10 p.m. in Linderman 400 (make sure your document is uploaded before the meeting); mid-semester report should be completed by tomorrow at noon!
  • Senator of the Week: Congratulations Harry Nimoityn!
  • Featured Senator: Sarah Glickstein- Economics major; from Westfield, NJ
  • Admin Forum practice: April 7th
  • Roles of the Vice President: run Elections committee; oversee internal affairs and run Admin meetings; attend Board of Trustees meetings

Treasurer: Harry Nimoityn

  • Key Allocations Dates: March 12 @ midnight - Minor club budgets due on the HUB; Saturday, March 22 - Allocations Retreat; March 25 - 2014-15 major and minor budget bills introduced and tabled; April 8 - 2014-15 major and minor budget bills voted on
  • Roles of the Treasurer: handle Senate budget of $10,000 and chair Allocations Committee; Treasurer must have been on Allocations for 2 consecutive semesters 

Secretary: Anna D’Ginto

  • Next full Senate meeting: 3/25 @ 4:15 PM in UC 303
  • Roles of Secretary: Create agendas and Powerpoints for full Senate meetings, keep meeting minutes, send reminder emails, keep track of attendance, coordinate meeting locations and speakers, attend weekly Admin & Exec meetings

Parliamentarian: Alex Stephanou

  • Selection of an Off Campus & first year bylaws member -- Needs to happen today!


  • Committee meeting before Exec next Tuesday, will confirm changes with Exec
    • o Table the changes at 3/25 meeting, vote at 4/8 meeting!


Allocations: Harry Nimoityn

    • SSR26AL026: Art, Architecture, and Design Club- New Event Request (Additional Funding) PASS
    • SSR26AL027: American Institute of Chemical Engineers- New Event Request (Additional Funding) PASS

Club Affairs: Rachael Martel

    • SSR26CA032: Society of Queer & Undergraduate Allies in Business (Full Recognition) PASS
    • SSR26CA033: The Hobo Army Improv Troupe (Full Recognition) PASS 
    • SSR26CA034: Community Leaders’ Initiative for Permaculture (Full Recongition) PASS
    • Roles of Club Affairs Chair: work with clubs that want to attain Senate recognition; coordinate presentations and yearly reviews

Public Relations: Dave Melynczuk

    • If you have not paid for Senate sweatshirt, see Dave after meeting
    • USS meeting with GSS to discuss PR for SB (Cathy Bai) 
    • Roles of PR Chair; maintain website and social media posts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram); apply for position over the Summer and are elected by Exec

Facilities and Technology: Sarah Glickstein

    • Same updates as last week; will have more to report at next Senate meeting

Transportation: Jose Sierra 

    • Transportation Committee Handbook to be written
    • Meeting with Transportation Department soon to get an update on their plans for next year
    • Gather student feedback through surveys 

Safety: Andrew Gelb

    • Lighting walkthrough on Thursday to check for dimly lit areas 

Best of Bethlehem: Maura Godfrey

    • Spring Fling: $200 by March 28; Information Session Wednesday; They will assign us an event to facilitate Top T

Unity: Emmanuel Lai

    • Fundraising is currently doing very well, raised over $3000 already thanks to Senator Phuong.
    • Venue has been successfully booked. 
    • Currently working out catering

Green Initiatvies: Savannah Monser-Kernosh 

    • Projects: Green fee, Green fund, Orientation, Accreditation

Ad Hoc on Peer Advising: Sonja Gorman

    • waiting for further input from College of Arts and Sciences 
    • committee members conducting research on peer advising systems at other universities
    • gauging student interest in peer advising

Ad Hoc on Diversity and Inclusion: Donald Scott

    • Report on progress last school week.
    • Regular meeting this Friday as scheduled.
    • You may get an email from me about your schedule, please respond. :)
    • News Item: Dartmouth College (similar to FBR)


    • Faculty committee updates (none)
    • Amit: Algorithm for Club Budget Funding: Ø  A point-based system out of a 100, which would determine the percentage increase or decrease in the senate funding received.

N = weight(a)+weight(b)+weight(c)+……   out of a hundred points. 

Made so that clubs with no growth and who were previously given the yellow color code would acquire 50 points.>50 would be positive funding.<50 would be negative funding.

OR Ø  An equation, which would output the exact amount of money the club should receive the next fiscal year. N = Last years budget + weight(a) + weight(b) + …….

Factors that will affect Club funding:

Financial variables:

1: Amount of senate funding the previous fiscal year.

2. The percentage of the budget used.

3. The allowable budget this year (this is the budget for all the allowable items and events)

4. Number of co-sponsorships pledged.

5. Amount of money received from co-sponsorship requests.

6. Amount of money received on new event requests.

Holistic Variables:

1.     The number of active members.

2.     Increase or decrease in the number of members from last fiscal year (club growth)

3.     No. of successful events

4.     No. of years they have been present at Lehigh.

Note: Each factor will be weighted based on the importance of variables


    • Andrew: Ad Hoc Subcommittee for Engineering College-respond to Doodle Poll 



    • Freddy: STRIVE for Excellent Banquet will be held April 7th; all Lehigh students are invited
    • Alex: Undergrad Town Hall for Presidential Selection Committee will be Monday, March 24th at 7-8:30 PM in Sinclair; Committee will detail the search process and solicit feedback for what students are looking for in the next President
    • Sarah: Challah will be sold in the UC tomorrow from 11-2; accepting donations; Challah is $5
    • Don: There is a policy to remove defunct clubs; currently there are 125 clubs