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Minutes 4.9.2014

Student Senate XXVI

Meeting 17: April 8th, 2014






President’s Report: Andrew Callahan 

  • Applications for Senate XXVII due this week; Exec elections and nominations for Club Affairs Committee Chair today; still eligible to run if you are abroad- email platform and picture 
  • Tuesday, April 15th: Admin Forum; Monday, April 21st: End of Year Banquet; Tuesday April 22nd: Final Senate XXVI Meeting (first meeting of Student Senate XXVII will commence immediately after conclusion of final Senate XXVI meeting) 

Vice President’s Report: Kerry Mallett

  • Admin: forum is 4/15 (dress in business casual, practice your slides)
  • Transitional Doc due 4/15 in designated folder in the Drive
  • Senator of the Week: Emmanuel Lai and LUnity Committee for putting together Spring ball! 

 Treasurer: Harry Nimoityn

  • Major Club Budgets: SSR26AL028 PASS
  • Minor Club Budgets SSR26AL029 PASS
  • SSR26AL037 PASS
  • SSR26AL038 PASS
  • SSR26AL039 PASS
  • SSR26AL040 PASS
  • SSR26AL041 PASS

Secretary: Anna D’Ginto

  • Attendance Reviews: Ege Calay, Oma Anidi
  • Congratulations to Andy, Dave, Jose, Matt, Maura, Lo, Rachael, Erin, Sarah, Stephanie, Tiffany, Roger and Jay on perfect attendance! 

Parliamentarian: Alex Stephanou

  • Voting on Bylaws revisions: SSR26BL001 PASS



Allocations: Harry Nimoityn

Club Affairs: Rachael Martel

  • SSR26CA038: Lehigh’s Bridges to Prosperity PASS
  • SSR26CA039: Lehigh Bioethics Society PASS
  • SSR26CA040: Lehigh Says NO MORE PASS
  • SSR26CA041: Society of Asian Scientists & Engineers PASS

Public Relations: Dave Melynczuk

  • Publicizing Senate elections

Facilities and Technology: Sarah Glickstein

  • LTS Update

Transportation: Jose Sierra 

  • Transportation and athletics surveys 

Safety: Andrew Gelb

  • Speed signs, safety tips, Safety committee info for next semester

Best of Bethlehem: Maura Godfrey

  • Top Ten: April’s list has been made; May’s events have been chosen
  • Spring Fling was a success! Thanks to Erin and Side for helping!

Unity: Emmanuel Lai

  • Sent thank you notes to sponsors; wrote article in B&W to apologize for busing disaster; trying to make Levy buses recoup some of the cost of the event 

Green Initiatvies: Savannah Monser-Kernosh 

  • Earth Day: April 22nd 11-2; need volunteers so email Savannah if interested
  • Green Fund: any organization can apply for it; $2,000 can go towards anything related to sustainability

Ad Hoc on Peer Advising: Sonja Gorman

  • meeting TODAY at 7pm in Lucy’s; all are welcome
  • sharing research findings, student survey, and feedback from College of Engineering to report back to CAS
  • scheduling a wrap-up meeting with CAS this or next week

Ad Hoc on Diversity and Inclusion: Donald Scott

  • Update on Academic Initiative
  • Resolution SSR2bIE001: “Yik Yak” Wifi Accessibility: It is hereby resolved by the Undergraduate Student Senate that the mobile app “Yik Yak” is an affront to responsible and respectful academic discussion and therefore should be blocked from accessibility through the campus WiFi network.  Students who wish to use this application would need to do so through their own mobile data plans. TABLED



  • Faculty committee updates: Peter: Bookstore Consultant looking for student responses and will be sending out a survey; Shaan: Kerry and Jose are Senate representatives on Faculty Committee for Student Life; Don: Library Users Committee is looking for complaints, especially about locations of power outlets
  • Student Senate XXVII Executive Board Elections

President: Kerry, Alex, Savannah, Jose, Shaan


Vice President: Anna, Jose, Shaan, Savannah


Treasurer: Amit, Peter, Shaan


Secretary: Stephanie, Don, Savannah


Parliamentarian: Freddy, Savannah, Don, Jose




  • Tiffany: Challah for Hunger will be in the UC tomorrow 
  • Maura: Diversity Life still needs hosts, especially males
  • Alex: Iraqi ambassador to UN will be in Sinclair on Thursday at 4:10 PM
  • Sharon: Kudos to entire organization and Exec board for thoughtful comments and a productive year
  • Levent: International Bazaar is this weekend