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Minutes 9.24.2013

Student Senate XXVI

Meeting 5: September 24th, 2013



                Carolyn Gibson, Study Abroad Ambassadors

Presentations can be individualized for each organization, can meet any time requirements, can fulfill programming requirements, are an added benefit of membership for your members. Interested? Email Carolyn Gibson (cgg212) and Lisa Mogami (lim314) or check out Lehigh Study Abroad facebook page; Iacocca Internships application now officially live (open to all students), any questions email Carol Hamm; First Years can go abroad immediately

                Bruce Taggart, Library and Technology Services

·         Student Move to Gmail: all emails will automatically be transferred over Christmas break (much more storage space, better spam filter); questions-go to Help Desk

·         Paper-Cut Update: before cut, students used 1500 pages of paper/year, after cut, paper use dropped by 30% àsaved $40,000/yr as a result and this money was reinvested to other sustainable initiatives; now students print 256 pgs/yr (CAS-363 pgs/yr, CBE-361 pgs/yr, ENG-269 pgs/yr) which proves paper cut is working; will look into classes that require extensive printing to petition for larger budget

·         Student Senate Technology Advisory Committee: email Bruce if interested or if you have ideas for how to use technology grant; SmartBoard was never constructed due to pushback from facilities about location

·         Online Learning Advisory Committee: need 2-3 students to volunteer; from 12-1:30 every other Thursday

President’s Report: Andrew Callahan

  • Senate BBQ - this Friday 4pm at 307 East 5th St
  • Presidential Office Hours - this Thursday at noon in Johnny’s

·         Fall Admin Forum - October 1 at 4:10pm in UC 303: all CLIP & Ad-hoc chairs must attend; powerpoint is one drive- please include your mission statement and yearly goals (1 minute presentation); dress is business casual

-Practice this Thursday at 5pm in MG 113

  • Founder’s Day - October 10 at 4pm in Packer Memorial Church

-Dress is business casual, attendance is mandatory!

  • New meeting structure
  • Senate Sunglasses/Binders
  • Lehigh-Gmail Integration tutorial after meeting
  • Electing Safety Committee Chair during New Business today
  • Exec Committee will be spotlighting one CLIP or Standing committee for each two week period between full Senate meetings; this week’s spotlight is PR

Vice President’s Report: Kerry Mallett

·         Big/Little challenge—go to the Senate BBQ and Homecoming rally together!

·         No Admin next week because of Admin forum

·         Committee chairs—we talked with lots of great groups at GPE, expect follow-up emails from me in the next few days!

·         Senators of the Week: Bridget Joyce and Phuong Nguyen-thanks for all of your hard work!

Treasurer: Harry Nimoityn

Secretary: Anna D’Ginto

·         Attendance will be tallied at the end of the month and Senators with >6 attendance points will meet with Exec

·         CLIP chairs: keep updating the Google doc with your minutes and attendance; will be shared with full Senate once each folder is up to date

Parliamentarian: Alex Stephanou

·         Remember to dress in business casual-no jeans or yoga pants, wear nice shoes, when weather is nice, shorts are allowable

·         No computers allowed unless you’re an Admin member

·         When contributing to the discussion with speakers, please keep in mind that we have a full meeting after so keep personal questions to a minimum and be conscious of time


Allocations: Harry Nimoityn

·         SR26AL003 - Belly Dancing Club (co-sponsorship request, pre-existing funds)

Motion to friendly amend to SSR26AL003 passes, SSR26AL003 PASS

·         Two assistant treasurers will be appointed next week

Club Affairs: Rachael Martel

·         SSR26CA004: Lehigh Fitness and Weightlifting PASS

·         SSR26CA005: Consulting Club PASS

·         SSR26CA006: Society of Queer and Undergraduate Allies in Business PASS

·         SSR26CA007: Bridges to Prosperity PASS

Public Relations: Dave Melynczuk

  • Senate officially now has an Instagram: lehighsenate
  • Utilization of the lehighsenatepr@gmail.com -send an email with requests for YOUR events to be publicized
  • Broken Record: Senate Bios

Senator McCullagh, Senator Einstein, Senator Victorio, Senate Homer, Senator Molgora, Senator Kuperschmidt, Senator Matharu, Senator Stevens, Senator Ambatipudi, Senator Perez, Senator Lai

·         PR is on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

·         For Twitter, use Tweet-Dec of HootSuite to manage tweets


1.       General update

2.       What has worked well so far on your committee?

3.       What opportunities are there to collaborate with other committes?

4.       What opportunities exist for your committee to expand its projects/reach?


Facilities and Technology: Sarah Glickstein

  • LTS Grant: follow up and initial contact
    • 2 LTS Committee chairs (Levent and Don)
  • Storage for International students (Ege and Will)
  • Printing/photocopy issues (Don and Ege)
  • Two liaisons for SBOD (Wade and Don)
  • Wireless (Tae)
  • Collaborative
  • SAFETY - swipe access to buildings
  • Allocations - Grants in one place

·         Meet in Taylor Gym next week

Transportation: Jose Sierra

  • Charter Buses for Thanksgiving and Spring breaks.
  • Transportation Services is working on the Transp website to include the mall and promenade bus schedule. Also Twitter: @LehighUTransit
  • Bus Stop Signs to be installed in EVERY bus stop.

Safety: Sto Mahoney

Best of Bethlehem: Cristina DeScisciolo

  • Meeting with Dale Koshard @ Deja: adopt section of Greenway, publish list of “Top 15 Things to do” each month, community movie night at Broughal
  • Senate table at Spooktacular!
  • Off Campus Passport- meeting with Steve Dutton; working w/ Mr. Taggart to add to Lehigh Live App

Unity: Tiffany Kuperschmidt

Green Initiatvies: Katelyn Armbruster

  • compost education in 5 houses, proposal for edible perennials for facilities, promote green interships through PR, work on first year reading book/orientation with OFYE, event with Permaculture group, reach out to LV colleges


·         Election of new CLIP chair for Safety Committee

Nominations: Yujia Huo, Drew Davis Congratulations to Yujia Huo


·         Alex: Goose is open late tonight for a Meet the Greeks event; proceeds benefit Dance Marathon; Kappa Delta bid day is October 4th, open to any sophomores, juniors or seniors

·         Kerry: home football game this Saturday and home volleyball game this Thursday at 7; attend athletic events to get points towards Le-Laf tickets

·         Stephanie: save pink Yoplait yogurt lids for Zeta fundraising effort

·         Sarah: Challah for Hunger will be selling freshly baked challah tomorrow from 11-2 in Upper UC