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Minutes 9.9.2013

Student Senate XXVI

Meeting #3, September 7th, 2013



President’s Report: Andrew Callahan

            -Overview of the day

Vice President’s Report: Kerry Mallett

            -First Admin meeting of the year will be September 17th

-New Senate Bigs & Littles (Big/Little challenges will be announced at every full Senate meeting)

Pairs: Andrew Callahan & Emmanuel Lai; Kerry Mallett & Cathy Withers; Anna D’Ginto & Isabel Buenaga; Andrew Gelb & Henry Perez; David Melnyczuk; Shaan Gurnani & Jay Chokshi; Brandyn Bok & Roger Blumin; Tae Hong Min & Drew Davis; Caroline Terry & Sto Mahoney; Erin Kelley & Sid Ambatipudi; Tiffany Kuperschmidt & William Sullebarger; Robert Levent Herguner & Savannah Monser-Kernosh; Matthew Moschelle & Katelyn Armbruster; Peter Einstein & Harry Nimoityn; Michelle Juarez & Gregory Victorio; Emma Bolla & Cristina DeScisciolo; Phuong Nguyen & Jose Alejandro Sierra; Stephanie Piscopo & Sarah Glickstein; Yujia Huo & Amit Bhowmik, Maura Godfrey & Rachael Martel, Aliza Molgora & Nick Stephens

-Senators of the Week: Elections Committee! Caroline Terry, Peter Einstein, Tae Hong Min, Andrew Callahan, Anna D’Ginto, Bridget Joyce

Treasurer’s Report: Harry Nimoityn

            -will vote on first Allocations bill on Tuesday

Secretary’s Report: Anna D’Ginto

-All meeting agendas, minutes and Powerpoints will only be shared through the Senate Google drive (no more Course Site)

-Attendance policy: an unexcused absence is 2 points; an excused absence is 1 point; once you have accumulated 6 attendance points you meet with Exec

-next meeting is this Tuesday, 9/10 at 4:15 PM in Lamberton Hall

Parliamentarian’s Report: Alex Stephanou

-Elections Rules:

- Another Senator for any of the above-mentioned offices may only nominate any member of the Student Senate.

A single Senator may not nominate more than one Senator for each office.

Upon completion of the nomination for a particular position, the nominated Senators have the option of speaking briefly to the Senate (4 minutes maximum).

-Internal Elections

1.       Upon completion of the speeches, the candidates must leave the room.

2.       A three (3) minute moderated caucus will follow.

a.       The President will choose the speakers and record the order in which they will speak.

b.       Each speaker will have up to thirty (30) seconds to discuss the candidates.

                        Following the moderated caucus, a senator may motion for Pro/Con speeches if it is determined that the moderated caucus was not sufficient for a vote to be taken.

If Pro/Con speeches are called for, four (4) Senators, two (2) in favor (“pro”) and two (2) in opposition (“con”), may speak on the candidate (for a maximum of one and one half (1½ ) minutes).

 .                     The President will choose the speakers.

a.                   The order of the speeches is to be: Pro, Con, Con, Pro

i.                        A second Pro may not be given until the second Con is given.

                        There may only be one moderated caucus and one set of Pro/Con speeches per election.

                        Once the candidates return, a secret ballot is cast stating each Senator’s first choice only.

                        If any one Senator fails to attain 51% of the total secret ballot, a second round of secret ballot elections will be held immediately. The Senators who receive the two highest totals will move on to the second round, winner take all ballot.

                        In the event of a tie between candidates, a run-off election may be held.

                        A Senator who fails to win an election may run for any subsequent officer position, conditions resuming as stated in Section III.


Allocations: Harry Nimoityn

-meets THIS MONDAY (9/9) at 4:15 p.m. in Rauch 141

Club Affairs: Rachael Martel

- The first meeting will be Monday, 4:10 in (hopefully) CO 101!

-We have three presentations scheduled already!

-Please look through the CA FAQs and Club Rules and Regulations

PR: Dave Melnyczuk

-Meeting Place & Time: TBA

-In contact with Elizabeth Flessor regarding our Fall t-shirt design

-Follow Senate on Twitter @lehighsenate and the Facebook page

-Check out the new website (senate.web.lehigh.edu) if you haven’t already- will be updating shortly


CLIP Chair Elections:

Facilities and Technology

1.      Don Scott

2.      Sarah Glickstein

Congratulations to Sarah Glickstein!


1.      Jose Sierra

2.      Amit Bhowmik

3.      Caroline Terry

Congratulations to Jose Sierra!

Green Initiatives

1.      Matt Moschella

2.      Katelyn Armbruster

3.      Savannah Monser-Kernosh

Congratulations to Katelyn Armbruster!

Bethlehem Outreach

1.      Savannah Monser-Kernosh

2.      Cristina DeScisciolo

3.      Will Sullebarger

Congratulations to Cristina DeScisciolo!


1.      Amit Bhowmik

2.      Tiffany Kuperschmidt

3.      Stephanie Piscopo

4.      Emma Bolla

5.      Emmanuel Lai

6.      Roger Blumin

7.      Henry Perez

Congratulations to Tiffany Kuperschmidt!


1.      Peter Einstein

2.      Amit Bhowmik

3.      Sid Ambatipudi

4.      Drew Davis

5.      Caroline Terry

6.      Sto Mahoney

7.      Will Sullebarger

Vote 2: Drew Davis vs. Sto Mahoney

Congratulations to Sto Mahoney!

Committee Representative Elections:

Educational Policy Committee

College of Arts & Sciences

1.      Bridget Joyce

2.      Matt Moschella

Congratulations to Bridget Joyce!

College of Business & Economics

1.      Henry Perez

2.      Will Sullebarger

Congratulations to Will Sullebarger!

            College of Engineering

1.      Sid Ambatipudi

Congratulations to Sid Ambatipudi!

Awards and Prizes Committee

1.      Emma Bolla

2.      Don Scott

3.      Roger Blumin

4.      Emmanuel Lai

5.      Peter Einstein

6.      Greg Victorio

Congratulations to Greg Victorio!

**Note: members of this committee serve a staggered 2 year term, so returning senator Brendan McCullagh will be finishing his term this year

Faculty Committee on Student Life

1.      Henry Perez

2.      Stephanie Piscopo

3.      Michelle Juarez

Congratulations to Henry Perez!

Visiting Lectures Committee

1.      Rachael Martel

2.      Shaan Gurnani

3.      Wade Homer

4.      Emmanuel Lai

5.      Don Scott

6.      Maura Godfrey

7.      Roger Blumin

Vote 2: Maura Godfrey vs. Roger Blumin

Congratulations to Roger Blumin!

Graduate and Research Committee

1.      Jay Chokshi

2.      Cathy Withers

3.      Maura Godfrey

Congratulations to Cathy Withers!

Library Users Committee

1.      Don Scott

2.      Robert Levent Herguner

3.      Emmanuel Lai

4.      Phuong Nguyen

Congratulations to Don Scott!

Bookstore Advisory Group

1.      Tiffany Kuperschmidt

2.      Emmanuel Lai

3.      Maura Godfrey

4.      Stephanie Piscopo

5.      Peter Einstein

Vote 2: Emmanuel Lai vs. Peter Einstein

Congratulations to Peter Einstein!

Transportation Advisory Group

1.      Andy Gelb

2.      Emmanuel Lai

3.      Ko Yazaki

4.      Jose Sierra

5.      Savannah Monser-Kernosh

6.      Amit Bhowmik

Vote 2: Andy Gelb vs. Savannah Monser-Kernosh

Congratulations to Andy Gelb!

University Calendar Committee

1.      Emmanuel Lai

2.      Tae Hong Min

3.      Drew Davis

4.      Maura Godfrey

5.      Stephanie Piscopo

Vote 2: Emmanuel Lai vs. Drew Davis

Congratulations to Emmanuel Lai!

-Shaan: Dean of Business School reached out last week asking if any senators would be interested in discussing continuation of program; any interested business students? Ko, Sid, Will

Motion to form Peer Advising Ad Hoc: motion passes; nominations for chair: Sonja Gorman; approved


 -Sarah: Challah for Hunger at same time as Tuesday’s Senate meeting; let Sarah know if interested

-Tiffany: Greek week starts this week (Monday-Thursday); all campus is invited, free food, sports, schedule on Panhel website

-Maura: Hispanic Heritage month starts this Friday 13th, kick off barbeque in Lower Cents

-Alex: LU Dance Marathon- 8 hrs November 16th-17th; looking for anyone and everyone to join club; meetings are Wednesdays 5:30 Rauch 271

-Andrew: explanation of new business & courtesy of the floor

-Bridget: next Thursday Global Union is sponsoring American Intervention in Libya-former Lehigh alum speaking in Sinclair auditorium 4:00 PM

-Jose: joined Toastmasters over summer- international organization focused on improving public speaking skills, run by Toastmasters of Lehigh Valley who come in Thursday evening and is open to all of Bethlehem

-Alpha Phi Phiesta bowl tomorrow afternoon at Sayre Field; open to all freshman; free Mexican food and flag football (Cristina)

-Kerry: Brown and White coverage- email Kerry; follow LU Brown & White on Twitter and follow sports page